Christa Buckland

BHlthSc (Health Promotion)
Childbirth Educator
Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner


Quotes Just a quick note to say thank you! Reflecting on my birth has made me realise that is would not have been so perfect without you. The help and support you have us was priceless...thanks to you I was empowered and able to make wise informed decisions and ultimately have the birth that I had always wanted, one that I had dreamed of. You were truly amazing. Thank you so much. xxx Quotes
Suzie & Tony

Quotes ...The last hour of my labour was the most intense and at the peak of my contractions I was thinking about asking for pain relief, until I heard Christa's soft, calm voice telling me what a fantastic job I was doing, (which also encouraged my husband to join in and give me praise). I didn't believe her at the time as I didn't feel fantastic, but it got me through and I had a drug free labour and was so proud of myself! ...Christa was fantastic! She kept me calm and positive and I couldn't have done it without her. I will be recommending her to all my expecting family and friends... Quotes
Felicity Eagleton

Quotes My partner and I would highly recommend Christa's Prenatal Classes. We are first time parents, so the information that she shared with us was very helpful and definitely got us in a positive frame of mind. Every time Christa left our place, I felt more and more confident, which is nice, especially towards the end of my pregnancy. When I gave birth it was a wonderful experience and I don't think it would have been the same if it wasn't for Christa. Quotes
Kath Howse

Quotes "Our experience with Christa as our Doula was beautiful. The classes we took as we prepared to birth our first child brought us closer as a couple and closer to the little one waiting inside. Christa is a wonderful and friendly person who enables women to feel positive about their bodies and their abilities to birth. We were informed about all our choices and ways in which we were able to birth, which gave us insight on how we wanted our little one to arrive. We are so grateful for her services and recommend her to those who are preparing to become a parent. Thank-you Christa for sharing this special experience with us." Quotes
Swindelle & Beau

Quotes We couldn't have done it without Christa's support and encouragement. Well could have but wouldn't have been the wonderful birth it was and I love. Christa, thankyou for absolutely everything! And thank you soooo much for taking those amazing photos! I still cant stop looking at them, I want to show everyone. They really captured the moment and and how amazing our bodies are. How you managed to get all the photos and be the support to both Craig and I astounds me, I did not notice you not by me until you were taking pics of Mitchell getting weighed etc. Thankyou again and again xxx Quotes
Samantha Leydon

Quotes Christa was such a great help throughout my childbirth preparation and birthing. She was always there for me to call when I needed support and reassurance. She had tons of information and DVDs - she knows what she is talking about! Her ability to listen and empathise made me feel like someone cared about how I was feeling and about what I really wanted - which is something I never had before during pregnancy and birth with any other medical professionals. I was so grateful for her calm reassurance during my birthing time which helped me re-focus and her assistance in helping me get everything I wanted out of my birth experience. It was perfect. I am so glad I found you! Quotes
Kristall Wong

Quotes Dear Christa, Daniel and I cannot thank you enough for the support and commitment you showed us before and after the birth of our first baby Xavier. After our initial consultation Daniel and I knew we wanted you to be our doula. Your kind nature, positive spirit and passion for what you do is second to none. We opted not to do the birthing classes with the hospital so that we could have a more personal experience in the privacy of our own home. The information and resources you provided us with meant that we were well equipped to make informed decisions about our own birthing experience. It was a pleasure getting to know you throughout our journey; you always left us feeling calm and relaxed after each session so we both knew with your support our birthing experience was going to be a positive one, and it was! You are genuinely one of the nicest people we have met and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending your services to anyone that may be interested. With Love, Daniel, Tanya & Xavier Quotes
Tanya & Daniel

Quotes I would like to start out by saying what an amazing help Christa was in the whole preparation and birthing process! I took classes with her and also had her present for the birth of my child and I truly believe that without her assistance and knowledge that I may have had a very different outcome from the natural birth that I had. Quotes
Ellen Arthur

Quotes Christa is an amazing person. She is supportive​ and offers great insight into how to make the birth experience​ a positive and fulfilling​ one. Quotes
Chrystal Street

Quotes Great to see your business on here Christa. I would recommend you to any pregnant woman, you made my birthing experience wonderful and memorable through your teachings and guidance with meditations. Yes, I even learnt to say 'pressure waves'... :) Best of luck. X Quotes
Lisa Cole