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Childbirth Educator
Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner

Birth Doula

Please note: Payment plans are available and can be tailored to suit your financial situation and the timing of your booking. I accept cash, direct deposit (bank transfer) or PayPal if you are paying in 2 or 3 installments. If you are paying the fee off weekly, then a direct debit is set up through EzyPay (fees apply). 

Antenatal Consults **from $75**

If you just need a little extra support preparing for your birth this option is ideal. 

$75 for a one hour phone consult

$200 for 2-hour in home visit 

I can help you to:

  • prepare a birth plan
  • talk through your options
  • locate information to help you make a decision 

On-call/Phone Support **$300**

If you want the reassurance of a doula without the cost of birth attendance, this is a good option for you. I go on call for you from 37-42 weeks and am available 24/7 during this time to help you with any questions you may have before the birth or to talk you or your partner through support and options during the birth. If you choose to ask me to come in during the birth, you get $200 off the Emergency Birth Support Package.

Birth Doula Support Package **$1450**
($1200 if booking antenatal classes)

I strongly recommend coupling doula support with a comprehensive antenatal class such as hypnobirthing or My Birth Toolkit Kit. The Birth Doula Support Package is only $1200 for clients who have already attended antenatal classes with me or who have booked into an antenatal class with me. 

This package includes:

  • 2 prenatal visits (2 hours each)
  • On call from 37 weeks until birth
  • Back-up doula
  • Birth support (unlimited time)
  • Up to 3 hours post birth
  • 1 postnatal visit (1 hour)
  • Nurtured Mamas Program (ongoing support for 12 months, monthly group meetings, online group support)

Visit 1: Birth Plan
Visit 2: Fears, Goals, Tools, Roles
Visit 3: Debrief birth
Additional visits: $150 (2 hours) 

Total: $1450

Deposit: $725

Payment plan: $75 per week for 10 weeks*

*This option requires set up with EzyPay. Please ask me for more details.

Emergency Birth Support Package **$1000**

It is never too late to get support for your birth - even if you've already started labouring! If you realise that you really need some additional support for your birth please call me.  Of course there's no guarantee that I will be available but I will certainly try to help in any way that I can!  

This fee includes:

  • birth attendance (unlimited time within reason)
  • Up to 3 hours post birth
  • 1 postnatal visit to debrief birth (1 hour)
  • Nurtured Mamas Program (ongoing support for 12 months)

Total: $1000

Deposit: $500

Payment plan: $100 per week for 5 weeks 

Note: Deposit is due within 7 days of birth. Total should be paid off within 6 weeks of birth/booking.

Payment Options

Please transfer your deposit to the following account.

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 012-556

A/C: 587550123

Name: Christa Buckland

If you would like to pay weekly, please contact me. This is arranged through EzyPay and I can tailor the payment plans to suit your situation.

Alternatively you can pay by credit card via PayPal.  

Please click the button below and complete the booking form (opens in a new window).  

Benefits of having a doula

Having a good birth experience is, quite seriously, PRICELESS!!  Believe me, I've experienced a traumatic birth and did everything I could to avoid repeating the experience!  Invest in yourself and your baby by hiring a doula. :)

Statistically, there are many benefits to having a doula support you at your birth. These include:

- 50% less caesarean sections
- 60% less requests for epidural
- 25% reduction in labour length
- increased rates of breastfeeding
- more satisfaction with the birth experience (for both the mother and the partner)

For more information on the amazing benefits of having a doula click here.

Here is a wonderful video about doulas:

Terms and Conditions

Please contact me if you would like to read my Terms and Conditions and I will email it to you. :)

Back-up Doulas

I work within a network of local doulas.  It is important to have a back-up in case unforeseeable circumstances prevent me attending your birth.  While this is a rare occurrence it still provides peace of mind knowing that someone will be there to support you, no matter what.  I highly recommend the following women as my back-up or alternate doulas.

Casey McMillen

For more information about Casey, please click here.

Joelle Breault-Hood

For more information about Joelle, please click here.

Kristin Laws

For more information about Kristin, please click here.

Finding a doula:

The most important thing to me is that you find a doula who is right for you.  If this is not me, I will help you to find a doula who is!  I believe this is far more important than me "getting your business". 

If you are in the Macarthur area, you can find more doulas at Macarthur Birth Support.
If you are in the Southern Highlands area, you can find more doulas at Highlands Birth Support.

I am also linked with over 400 doulas Australia-wide through Doula Network Australia.  There is information on the links page, with links to several online directories and training organisations which will give you access to more doulas and doulas-in-training.  

Most certified doulas charge $800+ for their services. Doulas are well worth this fee as they often provide 30+ hours of one-on-one support throughout the pregnancy and birth.  The fee also accounts for a significant commitment from the doula as she is "on-call" for up 5 weeks and will drop everything at a moments notice to attend your birth.

There are lots of ways to afford a doula however, if money is an issue for you. For example, trainee doulas often charge nothing, new doulas often charge a discounted fee while they are building up experience and certified doulas will often be happy to help by providing a payment plan of some kind. Why not ask your friends and family to gift you money toward your doula rather than buying you nappies? To raise $1000 you only need 25 people to donate $50 each!!  My main point is, that if you really feel you need a doula, there will be a way to get one! Regardless of your circumstances, you can have the support you need.

Doula support is priceless.

I believe that every woman should be able to access a doula if she wants one.

Coverage & Availability

I am currently only able to offer my doula services to those within my local area which is the Macarthur region in South-West Sydney.  This extends to those within a 30-minute radius of my home (including Campbelltown, Wollondilly and Liverpool/Fairfield areas).  If you are out of the area, I would be happy to help you find another doula as I am networked with over 400 doulas Australia-wide.

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