Christa Buckland

BHlthSc (Health Promotion)
Childbirth Educator
Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner

Online Programs & Courses

Bold Beautiful Birth Online Program **$399**

The Bold Beautiful Birth Online Program provides the ULTIMATE preparation and support for your birth! 
  • 8 video modules
  • 8 comprehensive workbooks
  • In-depth video lessons
  • birth partner and support people training
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Nurturing online community
  • Orgasmic Birth Documentary (Bonus #1)
  • Birth As We Know It Documentary (Bonus #2)
  • Mastering Affirmations Mini Course (Bonus #3)
Plus you can UPGRADE to the Bold Beautiful Birth Coaching Program for an additional $599 which includes:
  • 5 private coaching calls
  • 24-hour remote birth support
  • The Complete Guide to Creating an Effective Birth Plan online course (Bonus #4)

Premium Programs

I highly recommend the Bold Beautiful Birth Program (above) as it provides the most comprehensive level of support and content, and includes the Effective Birth Plans course and the Mastering Affirmations course as bonuses. However, you can also purchase these separately if you feel you only need help in one aspect of your birth preparation. I also have a range of postnatal programs available.

Mastering Affirmations

This mini course is the perfect opportunity for you to get great value, learning IN-DEPTH how to use affirmations in your preparation for birth and will also give you a great idea on how I work as a pregnancy and birth coach. Come and test me out here!

Effective Birth Plans

This COMPLETE course will guide you every step of the way to creating a clear, concise and EFFECTIVE birth plan that will help you to communicate with your care provider and achieve the birth you desire. This course also includes my personal feedback on the birth plan you create.

Bold Beautiful Babies

The first six weeks of your baby's life sets the foundation for recovery after the birth and your relationship with your baby. This program includes information on baby care, bonding, self-care and organisational strategies You will feel confident, organised and supported in your parenting journey!

Birth 2 Breastfeeding Online Courses

Birth 2 Breastfeeding is a joint project with my colleague Lorraine Cuadro (IBCLC). We have created a range of low cost online courses because we passionately believe ALL women deserve access to information that will enable them to have an empowered birth and breastfeeding journey. The courses are designed to be self-paced, concise and ultra-convenient. We also have a dedicated Facebook group for questions and support. 

Please note: For those needing more intensive support, I recommend my Bold Beautiful Birth program (above).

Essentials Course for Parents

This may be our smallest course but it is NOT small on content. It is jam packed with SIX topics on birth essentials and SIX topics on breastfeeding essentials. It includes interactive video tutorials, handouts, 2 quizzes to help consolidate your learning and a private Facebook group where you can access help directly from Christa and Lorraine. This is a fun, informative and concise course which will help you to gain confidence in your body and feel more prepared for birth and breastfeeding.

Confidence Course for Parents

This is our core online offering for parents. It is a comprehensive course comprising of 10 modules and over 50 topics. Work through at your own pace, with 12 months access and our supportive community forum. With approximately 10 hours of video lessons, comprehensive worksheets and fun quizzes make this course the best choice for parents who want to gain confidence in their birth and breastfeeding journey.

Postnatal Course for Parents

This course is jam packed with everything you need to know about adjusting to parenthood, caring for and nourishing your baby. This course is a comprehensive postnatal course for parents including topics such as postnatal recovery, settling strategies, swaddling and sleep strategies, changing nappies, bathing and dressing baby, baby wearing, baby massage, bonding with baby, newborn behaviour, self care strategies and advanced troubleshooting for breastfeeding issues. Expressing, storing milk and bottle feeding are also covered in detail. This is an INCLUSIVE course with lots of suggestions throughout on how to involve both parents in caring for and bonding with baby.

Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course

Love Hypnobirthing but can't make it to one of my classes? HYPNOBUBS is the answer! Allow Melissa Spilsted, Director of Hypnobirthing Australia and Clinical Hypnotherapist, to guide you through the course with 10 x video tuition and practice sessions, 5 x long-play hypnobirthing mp3s, an eBook, handouts and worksheets. PLUS you have the option to purchase a private session upgrade with me for only $150 (via Zoom). With a private Facebook group available as well, we've got all the bases covered to ensure you have the support you need to prepare for a positive, calm and beautiful birth!! The Hypnobubs course is purchased through the Hypnobirthing Australia website and the upgrade is purchased through me (links below).